Science at Cal Lecture Series

The Power and Beauty of Geometry and Symmetry

Wednesday, February 24th  |  6 – 7 PM

Dr. Carlo H. Séquin

Department of Electrical Engineering

and Computer Sciences

UC Berkeley

Come with us as we leave the world of natural objects and go behind the scenes of human-made structures. In this talk, Dr. Carlo H. Séquin will introduce the concept of “mathematical seeing,” provide a glimpse into the 4th dimension, and discuss abstract sculptures inspired by mathematics, some of which can be found on the UC Berkeley campus.

Dr. Carlo H. Séquin

Dr. Carlo H. Séquin has been a professor in the EECS department at UC Berkeley since 1977. His teaching and research have focused on computer-aided modeling and design. For the last three decades his work has been focused on computer graphics, geometric modeling, mathematical visualizations, and on the development of computer-aided design (CAD) tools for circuit designers, mechanical engineers, and architects. He has actively participated in the design of four buildings on the Berkeley campus. In collaboration with a few sculptors of abstract geometric art, Séquin has found yet another domain where the use of CAD tools can enhance creative output.  

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