July 20 Lecture – Seeing the unseen

Science at Cal Lecture Series

To see the unseen

 Overcoming the limitations of optics to visualize nano-structures, atoms and even magnetic fields

with Dr. Ella Lachman

Saturday July 20, 2019 at 11:00 AM
100 Genetics and Plant Biology, UC Berkeley
The development of novel tools is of great importance to the advancement of science. New imaging methods in particular can bring a deeper understanding as we are used to grasping the world mainly by visualizing images. When the limit of optical microscopy was reached, scientists found a way to enhance it and cheat their way beyond it. Eventually, they invented a whole different way of imaging – scanning probe microscopy. In this talk, Dr. Lachman will present the physics underlying the limits of optical microscopy, and talk about different types of scanning microscopes enabling the imaging of single atoms, magnetic fields, and electric currents on the nano-scale.  
Seeing the Unseen: microscopy innovation

Seeing the unseen at the edge of microscopy

Dr. Ella Lachman

Dr. Ella Lachman is a postdoctoral scholar at the Quantum Materials Laboratory (a.k.a Analytis Group) in the Physics department at UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on various magnetic phenomena in materials such as superconductors and topological materials. During her MSc and PhD studies, she designed and assembled a complete cryogenic (3He) scanning SQUID-On-Tip microscope combined with a transport measurement setup. She has been using this scanning SQUID-On-Tip microscope to study the magnetic properties of various physical systems, focusing mainly on Magnetically doped Topological Insulators.

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