Grounds for Science – Genetically modify food

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Doors at 6:30, Talk 7:00 PM
at Hip Hop Juice Box
3960 Adeline St, Emeryville
In this talk, Daniel Westcott will address the reasons why GMOs are so hated, what the current landscape looks like, and what potential solutions we are leaving on the table if we don’t use genetic engineering in plants.


Genetically Modify Food?

Genetically modify food?!

Daniel Westcott

Daniel Westcott

Daniel Westcott is currently a fourth year graduate student in the Plant and Microbial Biology PhD program at UC Berkeley. He studies photosynthesis in the Niyogi lab with an emphasis on structural organization of the sites of photosynthesis.

He studies this process in the unicellular alga Chromochloris zofingiensis. This alga is glucose-responsive and shuts down photosynthesis when fed with glucose (with some caveats). Bonus, it is super colorful.

Daniel uses molecular biology tools to build knowledge on these topics. Cloning, super-res microscopy, lipidomics & TLC, DNA/RNA sequencing, and of course CRISPR.

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