Feb 7 Cafe – It’s a Small World

Science on Solano

It’s a Small World: Viewing Life with Electrons    

with Danielle Jorgens

Wednesday February 7, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Restaurant Valparaiso, 1403 Solano Ave. Albany
A revolution is occurring in biology due to new technologies in the world of electron microscopy.  In addition to the monumental advances in the Cryo-EM and seo reselling, which garnered the Nobel Prize last year, a new wave of 3-dimensional imaging is taking over the rest of the electron microscopy field.  With these advanced 3D electron microscopes, cells and tissues are being visualized at new depths and complexities; ultimately, revealing never-before-seen structures and how they fit into micro-sized 3D worlds. 
Tunneling Filaments

Tunneling Filaments

Danielle Jorgens

Danielle Jorgens

Danielle Jorgens is the director of the Electron Microscope Laboratory at UC Berkeley.  As director, she leads the EML in its mission to provide high-quality electron microscopy services, education, and training for the UC Berkeley campus, other academic institutions, and private companies at-large.  Danielle earned her PhD in Comparative Biochemistry at UC Berkeley studying the ultrastructure of cancer biology.  She has spent the last several years at Oregon Health and Science Univ. as a post-doc and then research assistant professor studying a variety of tumors by VolumeEM.

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