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Agnes Fay Morgan

Dr. Agnes Fay Morgan

Agnes Fay Morgan (May 4, 1884 – July 20, 1968) was an American chemist and academic. She was the longtime chair of the home economics program at the University of California. Her program was strongly grounded in science, and students admitted into the program were required to have a level of science education that was not typical of home economics programs at the time. Morgan was one of the earliest married female college professors in the United States.

“The Academic Kitchen: A Social History of Gender Stratification at the University of California, Berkeley”

Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu

Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu

Chien-Shiung Wu (Chinese: 吳健雄; May 31, 1912 – February 16, 1997) was a Chinese-American nuclear physicist who has been dubbed “the First Lady of Physics,” “Queen of Nuclear Research,” and “the Chinese Madame Curie.” Her research contributions include work on the Manhattan Project and the Wu experiment, “which contradicted the hypothetical law of conservation of parity.”

In 1936, she visited the University of California at Berkeley, where she met Professor Ernest Lawrence, who was responsible for the first cyclotron and who later won a Nobel Prize, and another Chinese physics student, Luke Chia Yuan, who influenced her both to remain at Berkeley and obtain her Ph.D.

150 Years of Women at Berkeley
October 3, 2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the UC Regents’ unanimous approval of a resolution by Regent Samuel F. Butterworth: “That young ladies be admitted into the University on equal terms in all respects with young men.” The first women were admitted to the university in 1872, and the first woman, Rosa Scrivner, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture in 1874. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of women have graduated from UC Berkeley, and thousands of staff, faculty, and friends of the campus have made immeasurable contributions to our campus and beyond.
Explore with us some of the remarkable scientific women of UC Berkeley, who have contributed so much to our knowledge of the world around us.
Do you have historical data, photos, or other information for the 150W History Project? Click here to share it with the History Committee.
Science at Cal’s newest program, Caminos de la Ciencia , engages UC Berkeley scientists with the Spanish-speaking community through valuable partnerships.
One of our March speakers for Caminos de la Ciencia, Enrique Lin, postdoctoral researcher at the Innovative Genomics Institute, co-hosts a Spanish-language podcast named similarly to our monthly seminar series in Spanish. Check out and share the Caminos en Ciencia Podcast!

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